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Grace Edwards Glass

Working in glass for over 15 years, Grace took her home studio to a new level in 2010 when she opened Ottawa’s first 10 torch teaching studio:  GSS Flameworking.  Retiring in 2018, Grace’s focus now is on making Glass Poppy Brooches for the Royal Canadian Legion and whimsical Floral Brooches for her own pleasure.  All her brooches will be for sale at the OGBS on the 26 and 27th. Visit her online at

msMussy Jewels/ Deborah Muss

I discovered lampworking approximately 10 years ago because I was dissatisfied with the poor quality & high cost of commercially available beads.  Lampworking is the process of melting glass in a very hot flame & forming it around a mandrel to create beads and other artistic glass pieces.  Consequently, all the finished jewelry I make incorporates my handmade beads, glass headpins & metal components. 

Five years ago I began teaching this amazing craft and my teaching schedule can be found on the BeadFX class calendar.  BeadFX is a bead store located in Toronto and has a well-equipped lampworking studio. 

Visit my booth & you can purchase both loose lampwork beads or finished jewelry. All beads are made by me & immediately annealed in a kiln for strength & durability.  My current obsession is two-tone beads and etched beads.

Please visit Deborah’s website at

Liz Argent Lampwork Artist

My love affair with the torch began in 2012 and I’ve never looked back.  I love to play with glass and see where it takes me.  This year I have been experimenting with some vibrant colour combinations and I have a number of new pieces I call “Eye Candy”. 

This past year I also started an Instagram series called “Tools of the Trade Tuesday” which has been as much of a learning experience for me as it is for my followers.  As always, I continue to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society through the sale of my Journey Beads.

Please visit Liz’s website at

Hamsa Heaven

Zulekha Noormohamed is a successful business woman who has been making breathtaking one-of-a-kind jewellery for over 13 years. She specializes in working with high quality precious and semi-precious beads both in her jewellery. In recent years her focus has been to help her clients work with their mind, body and spirit through making jewellery, using crystals and energies to reach wellness. She continues to sell the handcrafted creations along with imported sterling silver findings, precious and semi-precious beads and components

Please visit Hamsa Heaven’s website at

Shiny Things By Roxanne

Roxanne is a lampwork artist who makes glass beads which are she then uses to design and create one of a kind jewelry. Roxanne is passionate about creating one-of-a-kind beads that are as individual and unique as each of us.

Her work is inspired by the beauty of nature which surrounds us. Roxanne and her husband live in a rural setting in Ottawa and they are avid outdoor enthusiasts. This has led her to have a more organic and textural approach in her work. She enjoys the exploration of combining different colours of glass to create contrasts and reactions in the glass. When creating jewelry, Roxanne often incorporates different materials, such as fresh water pearls, crystals, leather or rubber cord, or copper, to complement and provide different textures for these unique glass beads. She works primarily with soft glass and has recently been experimenting with reactive silver glass which adds a beautiful iridescence to the finished bead. As well, Roxanne blows glass and which are used in her unique jewelry designs as well as glass art objects. Roxanne’s love for this art has her continually experimenting with new ways to work with glass.

Please visit Roxannes’s website at

Glass Art by Deb

“I have always been fascinated by glass and the way light is able to continually change the look of a finished piece.  Fused glass, and especially dichroic glass allows a wearable piece of art to change as you move. I have been involved with this medium for over 15 years now, and still love it as much as when I started.  The joy and satisfaction I receive by creating each unique piece and finding it’s forever home is immeasurable. “

Please visit Deb’s facebook page at

CA Savage Glass

As a professional flautist and tea sommelier I have long been immersed in the world of the fine arts. My first encounter with glass art was in the summer of 2012 at the Corning Museum of Glass in upstate New York. 

 Currently I work out of my backyard studio in downtown Toronto and enjoy teaching at home and at the annual Creative Festival in Mississauga.

  I find the daily challenge of shaping molten glass into wearable art to be exhilarating and satisfying. Exploring the possibilities of color and light have become a very happy obsession.

Please visit Carol Ann’s Etsy store at

Monique Duval

I love hearts. 

I was so excited when I had the opportunity to learn lampworking with Grace Edwards.  It was hearts I wanted to make and it’s hearts I am making.

Curious Crow Beads

Jessica Menchions first got into glass by a twist of fate.

“Come inside and see what is going on” said Grace. I had been looking in the window of the newly opened Glass Shoppe Studio. When I went inside it was revelation that I would be able to work in glass. All the beautiful colours and sparkly bits spoke to the crow in me.

“ This year I am all about colours, textures and the effects of silvered glass. I am adding materials other than glass to my necklaces such as felt, silicone and wire. Still addicted to dichroic glass, I am trying to incorporate it as much as I can in my beads. Beading really is like a box of chocolates.”