Shiny Things By Roxanne

Roxanne is a lampwork artist who makes glass beads which are she then uses to design and create one of a kind jewelry. Roxanne is passionate about creating one-of-a-kind beads that are as individual and unique as each of us.

Her work is inspired by the beauty of nature which surrounds us. Roxanne and her husband live in a rural setting in Ottawa and they are avid outdoor enthusiasts. This has led her to have a more organic and textural approach in her work. She enjoys the exploration of combining different colours of glass to create contrasts and reactions in the glass. When creating jewelry, Roxanne often incorporates different materials, such as fresh water pearls, crystals, leather or rubber cord, or copper, to complement and provide different textures for these unique glass beads. She works primarily with soft glass and has recently been experimenting with reactive silver glass which adds a beautiful iridescence to the finished bead. As well, Roxanne blows glass and which are used in her unique jewelry designs as well as glass art objects. Roxanne’s love for this art has her continually experimenting with new ways to work with glass.

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